Rules of the Water

We try to keep rules to a minimum, but some are needed to ensure everyone enjoys a safe trip with us!

1. Persons under 18, as well as those between 18 and 64 with special needs and requiring assistance, do not require a provincial fishing licence to fish. Other guests between 18 and 64 who wish to fish must have a valid fishing license. 

2. If it begins to rain while we are out on the water, we must return to dock immediately. 

3. All participants must wear life jackets while on our boat. There are no exceptions.

4. All guests must remain seated while the boat is in motion and until the boat is securely moored and anchored.

5. The final and most important rule is that the decision of the Captain and First Mate aboard the boat are final and must be obeyed immediately. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers and crew.