Catch A Smile

Latest News: See the CBC story (text & video) about Friends in Sportfishing, published in August 2022!

Friends in Sportfishing is a volunteer-run charitable organization dedicated to offering free fishing experiences for any group of people with special needs in our community.

We operate a fleet of 3 twenty-eight foot pontoon boats that have been modified to make them accessible. We provide the boats, crews, and all the fishing equipment necessary and we are based in a variety of locations in Eastern Ontario.

All activities are conducted under the guidance, supervision and support of an elected Board of Directors who also volunteer their time as captains and mates on our boats.

As Friends in Sportfishing grows, we plan to extend to others the same spirit of sharing that people have come to associate with our organization. So don't be shy: book a trip now and come have fun on the water with us this summer!

Friends in Sportfishing was founded in 1993 by Lionel Pauzé from Lanark Ontario who observed how therapeutic boating and fishing was for people who rarely had the opportunity to experience nature and the thrill of fishing!

The late Dave Smith (left) with current president Peter Homulos at FISF's 25-year anniversary in 2018.