About Us

Friends in SPORTFISHINGTM provides recreational boating and sportfishing for children and people with special needs. The organization was formed in 1993 and registered as a charity in 1996.

TM has hosted more than 20,000 guest trips in communities across eastern Ontario. Guests of Friends come from families, and Seniors’ Centres, Special Education Groups, hospitals and daycares. Anyone with an identified special need is eligible to participate, entirely free-of-charge.

The Friends outdoor program was created specially for people whose opportunities in life have become limited due to medical or personal circumstance. It practices catch-and-release fishing and promotes environmental renewal through public education and aquatic restoration programs.

As a charity, Friends in SPORTFISHING
TM relies on community and member participation to deliver its services on a continuing basis. The organization remains active year-round in program development, community relations, promotion, publicity, volunteer training and public education.

Seeing the joy in a child that catching a fish and releasing it back into the water alive leaves no doubt about the value of Friends. with everyone it serves. The charity's unique outdoor program really does help people to "Catch a Smile"!

TM grows, our plan is to extend to others the same spirit of sharing that people have come to associate with the organization. Requests are now being considered for the formation of chapters in communities across Ontario over the coming years.