A Typical Day


Groups normally book a trip with us as follows:
Morning Trip - 9:30 am to 12:00 noon, or
Afternoon Trip - 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Evening Trip - By special arrangement.

Lunch - There are picnic facilities available for use before or after your outing. Bring your own lunches and enjoy our outdoor facilities for your picnic.

Each group must be accompanied on the boat by a responsible caregivers. Because of COVID-19 health requirements, each trip can only take a total of 6. The boat is equipped for a maximum of 4 wheelchairs.

If it rains - If it begins to rain while we are out on the water, we must return to dock immediately. Also, if it rains, the outing must be cancelled. Cancelled group trips will be given priority booking pending availability.

We Supply

• A specially designed, 28-foot, wheelchair-accessible pontoon boat
• Safety gear and life jackets
• All fishing equipment and baits
• Knowledgeable and courteous volunteer Captain and First Mate

You Supply

• Fishing licenses if necessary
• Suitable clothing for the weather; it's always cooler on the water
• Hats, sun-block, cameras, film, drinking water in plastic bottles
• Lots of smiles and giggles - you will use them all
• A donation is unnecessary, but always appreciated to alleviate the costs of fuel and fishing supplies